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Product Care

Product Care

Every jewellery item of Goldbox is made with utmost care and rigorous controls at all stages of its manufacture to ensure that it last a lifetime. In order to preserve its beauty and brilliance over time, and to slow down the natural deterioration of your jewelry, we recommend that you follow the following instructions for use and care on a daily basis.


- When you are not wearing your jewellery, it is preferable to store it in its original case or pouch, avoiding contact with other pieces of jewellery to protect it from any friction, impact or scratching. In the case of a chain, we advise you to close it and place it flat to avoid the formation of knots.


- When wearing your jewellery, make sure to handle it with care to avoid knocks and falls. We therefore recommend that you remove it for any sports activities or manual work.


- Avoid wearing your jewellery while swimming since chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals and will erode gold jewellery.


- Keep your gold jewellery away from harsh chemicals like household cleaning fluids, detergents, cosmetics, perfume or hairspray and all corrosive products as they create abrasions and reduce the lustre of the metal.


- Intense heat sources and sudden temperature changes should also be avoided.


- The best way to clean your gold jewellery is with warm water and mild soap (neutral PH soap). Soak for 10 minutes and with your fingers gently rub the jewellery and with a soft toothbrush gently scrub the finer areas. Rinse off all soap with lukewarm water, place the jewellery on a soft towel and gently pat dry and leave it to air dry overnight.


- You can intensify the shine of your jewellery with a soft and dry fabric.




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