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Our Story

Timeless, Modern & Versatile

We create timeless, modern and versatile jewellery pieces made from the finest 14K solid gold & gemstones which you can mix and match with your favorite jewellery or eerlom – silver, platinum or gold, it doesn’t matter. It’s something that you can wear casually and effortlessly.༒

Freedom of Expression

“At Goldbox, there is no right or wrong. Whether it’s your first time to wear a gold jewellery or you’re a collector or ‘aficionado’, you have the freedom to express yourself… you’re free to create your own style.” - Founder, Vladimir Legaspi༒

Design Approach

VERSATILITY is our mantra. Whether you’re looking for classic, modern, simple or elaborate designs, depending on your taste & style - we have it. We create seasonless jewellery that is tied to your life because jewellery should be with you for years, not just a trend.༒


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